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All Sports LA Film Festival

That’s right, it is almost time for GHOST PLAYER to screen in Hollywood. The film festival will be July 10 and 11 and will celebrate sports and competition. The movie will be showing at the Mary Pickford Theater around 3pm on that Sunday.

This unique sporting-film fest is in it’s second year and looks to be an amazing event. Being in Hollywood is cool enough in it’s own right but the fact that the film will be screened at the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood is out-of-this-world exciting given that this is the oldest, continuing movie studio on the planet! That’s right, in 1915 back when even baseball itself was young Hollywood greats like Mary Pickford and Charlie Chaplin were walking in the same spaces where this event will take place.

Thanks to the great people at Brand Source and Metro Studios, we will be sending Hank Lucas and Joe Scherrman to represent the team and movie at the filmmaker’s events on Friday, July 9th. Having such strong sponsors believe in this movie is a humbling experience and we will do our sponsors proud! Teamwork guys, it is all about teamwork!

It is great to think that Hank will be going as he was a former Dodger before he was a ghost player.

The guys plan on attending the screening of many of the other selected films including the new Pete Rose documentary on Saturday and then the Ghost Player screening will be on Sunday. Once they are done at the theater they will be heading over to Dodger Stadium to take in a game. Joe may end up being a lonely soul cheering for the Cubbies but that won’t stop him.

“I tried to line-up sponsors so that a number of the Ghost’s could go and get the kudos they so richly deserve. I’ve spent a lot of my personal money going to all the other festivals in which we have been honored but this one is a little out of my budget. It would have hurt to miss it. Sports and Hollywood, I couldn’t have dreamed of a better chance to promote the Ghost Players and our movie, especially with all the buzz about the Field of Dreams being up for sale.” Joe Scherrman

Click here for a schedule and list of judges.

Sponsors DreamCatcher Community Foundation Low and Inside Metro Studios Case IH